8 Gadgets to Make Your Student Life Easier

Education can be a costly affair not only in terms of tuition fees but also the add-ons that become a part of your cost of living as a student. Electronic gadgets form an important part of such expenses but there are some gadgets to make your student life easier.

Being informed about which gadgets serve your educational needs can be helpful in deciding if you need a laptop or a smartphone.

In the long run, you don’t want to make investments you might regret later. You also want to take note of the following gadgets as expenses to consider while applying for an education loan.

Here’s a list of 8 gadgets that can make student life easier. 

Smartphone or Tablet 

Gone are the times when a mobile phone was solely seen as a source of distraction for students. These days a smartphone is one of the primary requirements. Be it, online classes, watching educational videos, accessing your email account or simply surfing the internet, a smartphone is a go-to. 

gadgets to make your student life easier
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An alternative for smartphones is tablets which come with slightly bigger screens and better resolutions. For example, an iPad will have a higher aspect ratio than an iPhone. This means that the iPad will have more resolution and screen size than the iPhone. But it also means that an iPhone is more compact as a device as compared to an iPad. While purchasing either, you are required to make the right choice by weighing it against your requirements.  

Laptop or PC

Unlike earlier, everything that can be accessed through a computer is also accessible through smartphones. But personal computers are favoured over smartphones because of the experience they offer.

A personal computer might comprise a monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, speaker, webcam, internal hard drive and so on. Although these gadgets have to be purchased separately and can take up considerable space. But it is a good investment if you are a student because it creates a dedicated space for studying.  

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With laptops, the experience might not be as top-notch. Nevertheless, Macbooks are popular amongst students because of their compact design and the convenience of portability. A laptop works wirelessly and comes with a keyboard, inbuilt speakers, web camera and a touchpad in the place of a mouse. It is a brilliant investment especially if you are staying away from home for educational purposes. 

External Hard drive 

Nowadays every document you own can be saved up as a soft copy in cloud memory or your e-drive connected to your email account. This helps you take up less physical space with your studying materials. Even so, owning an external hard drive is a smart move if you want to be extra careful about preserving all of your materials. 

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An external drive allows you to access your documents easily without taking up much of your study space or the internal space on your device. All you have to do is connect the drive to your laptop or PC. Another attractive feature of an external hard drive is its portability. 

Noise Cancellation Headphones 

Headphones have existed as a wanted product in the market for a long time. One of the new features that have caused a terrific comeback for headphones is its noise cancellation. As the name suggests, noise-cancelling headphones are meant to block out all of the external noise not only while listening to an audio clip but also during recordings or incoming and outgoing calls.

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The level of concentration a student can achieve is always considered a virtue that helps them excel in academics. Noise cancellation headphones can help them attain that level of undivided attention which is also a requirement for online classes that have become the trend during the pandemic. 


Even though many new and cool gadgets have flooded the market, printers shall never run out of fashion. If your subject or the academic course you have enrolled in, requires you to get things printed regularly, going to a shop to get it done makes no sense. 

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Well-known brands like Epson, HP, Brother, Samsung and Canon have introduced a range of budget printers to the market in recent years. By purchasing one of these, you would not only save up on your daily expenses but also preserve your precious time. In fact, having a printer at home can come in handy during emergency assignment submissions.  

Electric Kettle & Emergency Lamp

As a student, you might be required to pull all-nighters frequently. Even if that is not the case, staying up late might simply be part of your daily study routine. In such circumstances, gadgets that can make your life easier are electric kettles and emergency lamps. 

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Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea if you feel drowsy. You are no longer required to leave your study table to go to the kitchen as long as own an electric kettle. An emergency table lamp will come in handy if you are sharing your room with a fellow student or living in a dorm.  


Kindles will never run out of favour among students as long as academics is about gathering knowledge by the reading of books. A kindle is an e-reader manufactured and sold by Amazon. One can read not only e-books but also e-magazines and other such digital content on this wireless gadget. 

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Call it a side effect of globalisation, but nowadays students are required to keep moving from one location to another during different stages of their education. As such, a kindle is an indispensable gadget – it is the alternative of carrying hard copies of bulky books.

Moreover, it comes with cool features like a highlighting tool and sometimes a waterproof body. Dictionaries will be at your disposal while reading if you have them downloaded on your kindle. You will not be required to carry a dictionary everywhere you go, as long as carry your books in your kindle.   

External Batteries & Portable Chargers  

Being a student means you will require safe-to-use and convenient gadgets to charge devices like your phone, laptop, tablet, speaker and so on. A range of portable chargers has been developed in recent years by reputed companies to make life easier. The concept of clutch batteries or chargers that are the size of a clutch or purse is becoming increasingly popular in this era of digitisation.   

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For students who depend on the rigorous online activity as part of their academic curriculum, these allow them to charge their devices wherever they are. For charging devices iPhones, special external batteries like the Ubio Labs Shadow Series have been developed which are not only easy to carry but also stunning to look at. 

Bottom line: Choosing the correct devices to make your student’s life easier should not be a taxing chore. Make sure to devote time to saving up beforehand for each investment. Having funds dedicated to such purchases and knowing what you should purchase can make your student life not only easier but also fulfilling.