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Child education fund
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Planning for College just got easier with EduFund.

Personalized financial plan

Build a personalised Education Plan

Rising Costs.

Massive Loans

Every child should go to college without these worries. Tell us your child’s global education goals- we'll tell you the exact cost and create a personalized financial plan.

Investing online made easy and safe

EduFund creates a tailor-made investment plan based on your financial needs, and your child’s dreams. Plan for your child’s education early and set up a monthly SIP with as little as Rs. 100, right from the app.

Get one on one advice from an expert

Access college consultants that will help you plan your child’s education. Our experts are here to guide Indian students on how to pick a specialty, country of study, and the best way to prepare.

Start as low as Rs 100

With college costs increasing, every day matters when it comes to being financially prepared for your child’s education. You can save up to 2.5 Cr by starting today.

A College SIP, the EduFund Way.

A lot goes into the way we build an investment plan for your child’s college education. We look at more than just risk, and age- we look at who you and your child are.

College SIP

Education goals

Does your child want to be a doctor? Does she want to study at IIM? We look at all these factors to help you determine the cost of their education, and how much you will need to spend to get them there.

Education trends

Our planning tool looks at the latest data- rising college costs and changes in inflation are all considered while creating your customized portfolio.

Financial goals

Because every parent’s financial history is unique, so is their child’s college SIP. Income, savings, expenditures, and risk area few factors we look at while we make your personalized financial plan.

Happy Customers.

Rajat Loya

The best thing about the EduFund app is that it allows me to plan and save financially, and it also offers a counselling feature. With a customized investing strategy, I’m confident that I can secure my little one’s future!


What we needed is expert advice and guidance. Thankfully, we came across a unique app called EduFund. For my daughter’s future, they offered a personalized financial plan. Plus, it’s so simple to set up an education fund.


This app is a game-changer! Seamless investing experience with EduFund. The level of detail and focusgiven is excellent. I’d highly recommend this to Indian parents.

Our trusted
Investment Partners.

Our trusted
Investment Partners.

Become an EduFund parent.

Download the EduFund app and secure your child’s future in a few minutes.
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